Client Service
Extraordinary Client Service: A Culture of Being
Richard Temple

“Extraordinary client service means providing solutions beyond our clients’ wildest expectations.”

Client service. It’s simple in theory, but it takes diligence. Are you regularly asking yourself, “What does our client really want?” Are you listening? To best serve our clients, we need to understand their goals and actively invest in their success.

Client service is a collaborative process. The best engineering solutions — those that create value that is easily recognized and appreciated — can only be achieved by working closely with our clients, asking the right questions, and paying attention. And then by keeping their needs and goals top-of-mind for the duration of the project.

But client service is not just creating dependable engineering solutions. Client service, in the traditional sense, means instant responsiveness, meeting deadlines, and proactively providing creative AND dependable engineering designs which result in practical, cost-efficient structures. Yet extraordinary client service means providing solutions beyond what our clients expected. Solutions that allow them to create more than they at first envisioned.

Extraordinary client service is a way of being that pervades every level of the firm and largely defines firm culture. It means actively engaging with clients from the very beginning of the project, asking the right questions, challenging convention and status quo, and providing them alternative ideas. We serve them best by being the foremost experts in our profession, by leading the industry in technology — both in terms of digital tools as well as innovative building techniques — and by delivering beyond our clients’ wildest expectations. For our clients, nothing short of this will do.

Richard Temple / P.E.
Richard is a Senior Principal and Regional Managing Director for Walter P Moore’s Structures group in Tampa, Florida. He is also one of 13 people who have been with the firm for more than 30 years.